Lightweight Motor Technology Designed for NASA

GreenTech Motors Corporation (GTM) is a clean energy company.  It was originally founded with the objective of tapping the rich aerospace innovations and engineering assets of California to develop, deploy and deliver best-in-class advanced cleantech electric motor and power generation technologies to the marketplace.  The company’s technologies are designed to meet the escalating demand for cleaner and more sustainable products that provide higher energy efficiency, lower life cycle cost advantages and critical reductions in greenhouse gas emissions that cause climate instability.

GTM has signed and expanded its worldwide patent and technology licensing agreement with The Boeing Company.  Under the agreement, GTM is licensed to design, manufacture, market, and have made, a family of electric motors and generators known as the Large Air Gap Electric Ring (LAGER) technology.

The LAGER clean energy technology was developed by aerospace engineers at Boeing’s Phantom Works research and development (R&D) test facility in Southern California.  It was originally engineered as a high efficiency, high reliability electric motor designed to endure the harsh extremes of space and meet the exacting demands of the lighter weight and smaller dimensions required for space-bound payloads.

The LAGER motor was conceived to move beyond the limitations of conventional iron-cored electric motors.  Designed for lower cost manufacturability with advanced magnetics, advanced manufacturing and a unique architecture, the LAGER technology represents a significant innovation and departure from induction motors that currently predominate in the marketplace.

Prototypes of the LAGER technology have been successfully tested by Boeing at the Boeing Test Laboratories and by NASA at the John Glenn Research Center in Cleveland, Ohio.  A fifth LAGER prototype has completed full modeling and simulation and is in the process of being fabricated and assembled under an R&D innovation funding grant awarded by the State of California to GTM.

GTM’s value proposition and unique point of difference compared to conventional motors is its exceptional high efficiency density – extreme efficiency delivered in an extremely compact and extremely lightweight electric motor technology package.

This point of difference provides decisive performance advantages over competitors.  It simultaneously relieves multiple customer pain points.  The LAGER technology will benefit customers seeking lighter weight, more compact, higher efficiency, cooler-running, lower life cycle cost, drop-in replacement motors that deliver advantages of improved cash flow through reduced operating, maintenance and shipping costs.